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Obtain a country code to dial a call to another country, dial , when prompted say:. For an additional charge, you can usually press 1 any time after the requested number has been announced to automatically dial the number. Individuals with physical or visual disabilities and seniors may also be eligible for call allowances, depending on the state.

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Call allowances not used within one billing period cannot be transferred to an additional billing period or to another account. Directory Assistance Call Completion charges are as follows:. Existing user? Sign in.

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Support Phone Directories. White pages also typically list street addresses and ZIP codes. Residential listings can be omitted at the subscriber's request, usually for a small fee.

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The yellow pages are for businesses and organizations. Listings in the yellow pages are grouped by category.

For example, all accountants will be categorized under the accountant heading and all dentists will be categorized under dentists. In larger categories, the are subgroups. Under the restaurant category will be listings for different kinds of cuisine, and they are grouped for convenience. In some cases, businesses and organizations are group by location, such as the Spring and Pasadena areas of Houston. Yellow pages are used for advertising, and many businesses include photos and brief blurbs of information about their business.

For the vast majority of us, however, the White Pages are wasteful, costly, and unpopular—but required by law. Fortunately, the legal dam is beginning to crumble. USA Today reports that Verizon has already received approval to stop automatically delivering the white pages in 11 of the dozen states where it provides landline service.

Why is the Yellow Pages still delivered to most homes in Australia?

Rulings from California and DC are pending. Newspaper coverage of the Verizon rulings is available for Pennsylvania , Maryland , and Virginia.

In the Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne , for example, residential white pages directories are no longer required by law, but are available on an opt-in basis. In Canada, most major cities including Vancouver, BC already have opt-in white pages delivery and opt-out yellow pages delivery. Any Canadian readers care to share? Yet as of this writing, White Pages deliveries are still the law in the Northwest states. Fortunately, fixing the problem is relatively straightforward. Below, I explain in detail how it could be done in Washington.

Administrative code is a bit different from the laws we normally think of, which are typically introduced as bills, voted on by the legislature, and signed by the governor. The UTC, in turn, developed—and now enforces—the administrative code requiring White Pages deliveries. Mandatory White Pages deliveries were the rule in almost every state, and the provisions were originally viewed as important elements of consumer protection and public benefit.

Of course, that was before electronic communication and widespread internet access rendered printed directories obsolete for most phone users.

Free or Paid YP Listings

Nowadays, the vast majority of phone books get pitched directly into the recycling bin or into the landfill. To end mandatory delivery in Washington there are basically two approaches: the easy way and the hard way. The hard way is to petition the UTC to open a new rulemaking on the subject, a lengthy process that normally involves drafting alternatives, lengthy public involvement, and time-consuming administrative tasks. The easy way is for the legislature to intervene directly, simply passing a new law that amends the existing administrative code.

In , they introduced HB , which would have allowed recipients to opt-out of white pages deliveries by making individual requests. The bill gained some traction , but appears to have stalled for this year. The Product Stewardship Institute has a good compendium of related legislation in other US cities and states.

How these scams work

And how else can the legislature do so much good with a one-sentence amendment? It cuts costs for companies, reduces waste and pollution, and alleviates a minor headache for millions of consumers. Now all we need is a bill introduced by some talented young legislator looking to chalk up a bipartisan win and snag a few headlines….