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Key Correctional Center. The William S. The RID Program designates inmate housing units as platoons, and orientation for newly arrived inmate participants requires 2 weeks. Inmates who fail to report to their assignments are subject to disciplinary proceedings. When inmates come within 10 feet of correctional staff, they must come to attention and address the staff member correctly. Inmate housing units must be kept neat and clean at all times, ready for inspection.

In addition, inmates must dress according to strict regulations; for example, they cannot wear any type of head gear inside buildings. The RID Program also stipulates requirements for dining facilities, health services, telephone use, visiting, mail, personal property, and tobacco use. RID participants are assigned to programs that focus on such areas as daily living skills, drug and alcohol abuse, vocational training, religious services, stress management, reintegration, recreation, and physical training.

Disciplinary procedures used when inmates fail to meet RID requirements are described, as well as appeal procedures, acts that constitute disruptive institutional behavior, and the range of allowable sanctions. Inmate discipline; Inmate misconduct; Inmate Programs; Oklahoma. For documents not available online, a link to the publisher's website is provided. Inmate records in Oklahoma are created from the time of the arrest until all the way through parole.

The first document to be filled out is a RAP sheet. This form contains the suspect's name, address, physical description, and details of the crime they committed.

NCJRS Abstract - National Criminal Justice Reference Service

After that, everything that happens to the inmate, including moves to new facilities, get updated in the file. The State of Oklahoma Department of Corrections is the government agency in charge of maintaining and storing all inmate records for the state.

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They keep them online in a centralized database making it easy to perform an inmate search at any time of day or night. The State of Oklahoma Department of Corrections has an inmate locator feature right on their website, making it easy to find out if someone is in prison in Oklahoma. The process for finding an inmate in jail is different. Use the following instructions to lookup an inmate in an Oklahoma prison: Visit the State of Oklahoma Department of Corrections Website.

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  4. Anyone interested in reviewing someone's incarceration, arrest records, warrants, or other criminal records could use the Infotracer tool to quickly and easily find them also. The Oklahoma prison system is pretty involved with a few types of facilities and programs to protect the community while also rehabilitating offenders. The State of Oklahoma Department of Corrections oversees most of the facilities and programs. As of , there were 3, women in Oklahoma federal prisons. The state has numerous state prisons to house felons who broke the law within the state.

    They also have a network of five halfway houses to offer inmates reentry services pre-release and post-release. The federal government has three federal prisons in Oklahoma that house federal inmates who broke federal laws. The state has an enormous amount of juvenile detention centers in various counties throughout the state that house youth offenders. Finally, Oklahoma also has numerous county jails to hold pretrial detainees. Oklahoma has twenty-four different state prisons. Each houses a different demographic with units for varying levels of custody.

    The list of state prisons in Oklahoma includes: Charles E. Clara Waters Community Corrections Center. Dick Conner Correctional Center. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center. Enid Community Corrections Center. Howard McLeod Correctional Center. Jackie Brannon Correctional Center. James Crabtree Correctional Center.

    Jess Dunn Correctional Center. Jim E. Hamilton Correctional Center. John H. Lilley Correctional Center.

    DOC inmates accused of running drug ring from inside prison

    Joseph Harp Correctional Center. Kate Barnard Correctional Center. Lawton Community Corrections Center. Lexington Assessment and Reception Center. Mabel Bassett Correctional Center. Mack Alford Correctional Center. Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center. North Fork Correctional Center.

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    6. Oklahoma State Penitentiary. Oklahoma State Reformatory. Oklahoma City Community Corrections Center. Union City Community Corrections Center.

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      William S. Key Correctional Center. How to Search for State Prison Inmates Oklahoma makes it very easy for someone to find an inmate in state prison. The State of Oklahoma Department of Corrections is the agency in charge of inmate records, and they keep them online and searchable.

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      Simply follow the instructions below to easily find an inmate in an Oklahoma state prison: Visit the State of Oklahoma Department of Corrections Website. Oklahoma Federal Prisons In addition to the numerous state prisons, Oklahoma also has three federal prisons to house federal inmates. On their website, they have a page for each facility so the public can learn more or friends and family can find out about visitation and sending gifts or money. Great Plains CI.

      Oklahoma Department of Corrections (Site ID 177)

      Oklahoma City FTC. All federal prisons are run and managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons FOB , and therefore, someone wanting information on an inmate housed in one of their facilities must contact them directly. The FOB has an inmate locator feature on their website and also has a page for each facility with contact details and information on visitation and sending money or gifts. Oklahoma County Jails Oklahoma has 77 counties, and many of them have their own county jail.

      These facilities are run by the local law enforcement, usually Sheriff's Offices. They house recently arrested suspects and pretrial detainees. Sometimes they even house inmates for short sentences of less than a year. Some of these law enforcement agencies have a website of their own. Therefore, finding someone won't be the same as with state prison or halfway houses.

      Anyone wanting to lookup an inmate in an Oklahoma jail must contact the local Sheriff's Office directly. Some of them have websites of their own with an inmate search or list of current jail residents on them. Oklahoma Juvenile Detention Centers Oklahoma has a large number of juvenile detention centers.