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  1. WAN IP Address. LAN IP Address. What's the Difference?
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WAN IP Address. LAN IP Address. What's the Difference?

You can find where in the world it is—and more. Trace Email Track down the geographical location and origin of an email you received. Blacklist Check Have you been blacklisted because of the IP address you use? Check to see here. Speed Test Is your Internet connection up to speed? Find out for free with a quick click. IP Tools Have the right tool for any job.

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That goes for your Internet connection, too. Please consider enabling JavaScript so that we can support continued development. Your IP address is listed below the line that says Name: myip. If you get any kind of error when running this command, try doing just opendns.

Public IP vs. Private IP and Port Forwarding (Explained by Example)

Then run the command again using the myip. Your router and modem is what sits between your device and the internet, so it needs to know the IP address your ISP has assigned to your network. This means you can use your own device to find your public IP address. This means that the address you find using one of the methods above, will not be the same address you find a few weeks from now, or maybe even sooner.

Checking Your External IP

It does this each time the address changes, effectively giving you one hostname like a website URL that you can use to refer to your public IP address. All you need is the hostname! You may need a local IP address to do things like setting up printers or solving technical problems on your network. For example, you may need to tell a tech support person your public IP address if you lose your internet connection or if you want to give someone permission to administer your network remotely.

Even if you think you know your public IP address, you should check anyway because it may have changed.

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The difference between static and dynamic addressing is at the root of a lot of connectivity problems. If you want to learn more, you can read about the differences between IPv4 and IPv6, and which is better.

There are several simple ways to identify your public IP address. Another way to find your public IP address is to use Google search. Remember: all these tools tell you your public IP address -- the one the internet uses to find your network -- not the local IP address behind your router.

Talk to the Internet with IP Addresses

Your public IP address is public. Just as there are tools that let you find your public IP address, there are tools that let other people find your public IP address, too. That might alarm you, and rightly so. Everything you do online is tagged with your IP address: your emails, your online shopping activity, your browsing history.

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Someone who knows your IP address can identify your location, just as you can. But a motivated stalker or criminal might make that effort; so may law enforcement. The best way to disassociate your public IP address from your location is to use a virtual private network.