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  2. How do I find a particular person's lists? i.e. search on a person's name?
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Now paste the IP address in this trace route tool and you should get a fairly good idea about the approximate location of the email sender. Facebook has a billion users and the likelihood is therefore high that the sender may also have a profile on Facebook. Unlike LinkedIn and most other social networks, Facebook lets you search users by email address so that should make your job simpler. Just paste the email address of the person into the search box and Facebook will instantly tell you if a profile exists with that email address or not.

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If you are able to locate that person on Facebook, download the profile picture and then upload it to Google Images click the camera icon in the search box. This acts as a reverse image search engine so you can locate his other social profiles where he may have used the same picture. You can use a service like Knowem to quickly determine if a profile with a particular username exists in any of the social networks.

Gmail users can install the Rapportive add-on and find the Twitter and LinkedIn profiles associated with an email address, if any of them exist. Finally, if none of the above tricks work, you should try a people search service like Pipl and Spokeo — both services let you perform reverse email lookups but Spokeo has a more comprehensive database than Pipl.

5 tips for finding anything, about anyone, online

Other than regular web documents, Spoke also scans social networks and even the whois information of domain names to find any bit of information associated with an email address. However, some of the results returned by Spokeo are only available to subscribers. We build bespoke solutions that use the capabilities and the features of Google Apps G Suite for automating business processes and driving business productivity. Our Google Add-ons are deployed in some of the biggest companies and universities worldwide with over , installations.

It also provides you with a means of obtaining additional information through paid public record searches, but presumably you're trying to avoid those if you're reading this post. That said, People is nicely organized and can be a great starting point when you're trying to find social media accounts and other places to look for more. Even though I am the only Adam Max Dachis on the planet, these searches still pulled information about other people. They're great as a starting point, or when you have a means of verifying what you find, but it's best to go in with the assumption that everything you find is wrong.

You absolutely want to give the target of your search the benefit of the doubt and verify anything you find before you believe it.

How do I find a particular person's lists? i.e. search on a person's name?

These search engines do find accurate, good information—otherwise we wouldn't recommend them—but they're imperfect. Remember that before you search. While people-centric search engines can be helpful, regular search engines can often provide you with the best information. This only works, of course, if you already have some information to go on and can cross-reference everything you find.

For example, say you come across your target's email address and it's awesomeguy hotmail. You can start out by searching for the entire email address and you might find a few things, but chances are all you need is awesomeguy Your target has likely used it to register accounts on other sites, and simply searching for the name can bring them up. Once you find some success with cross-referencing, you'll have more information you can use for the same purpose.

You'll also find pictures and other telling data that will help you determine whether what you find is accurate or not. You'll rarely have trouble getting search results, but cross-checking and verifying is vital.

Tracking People | History Detectives | PBS

If you go on believing false or incorrect information, you're doing yourself and your target a disservice. It's important to remember that your goal is to find truth and not just anything at all. A good way to make sure you don't miss anything important is to use multiple search engines. These days it can be easy to just fall back on Google and never look anywhere else. You'll likely find that using multiple search engines will make it easier to find additional results you would have missed.

Sometimes you'll just have the top ten organized differently and you won't discover anything new, but generally there will be a page or two that one search engine considers far more important than another. Make sure you check more than one to avoid missing something that matters.

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  • In general, you'll want to stick to finding information that's publicly available using the methods described above. An email address or Twitter handle can lead to usernames on more niche sites and forums so you can find a lot this way.

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    However, if you're not finding much you can often fill in a lot of the blanks with the help of Facebook. Ideally your acquaintance is someone you'll feel comfortable friending yourself and you can gain access to their profile and wall—or at least portions of it—by sending a simple request. If that's not an option, however, you can pretend to be someone else. More specifically, an attractive stranger. First things first: this is a fairly deceptive method and kind of a creepy thing to do. For the most part, you should never hunt down information about people by tricking them.

    That said, there are some circumstances where protecting yourself justifies being a little creepy, so use your own judgment because you essentially become a detestable Facebook stalker. This method is pretty simple: you just create a fake account and use it to send a friend request to the the person you're investigating. It helps to have an attractive photo, some mutual friends, and similar interests. You want to be casual when sending the request, and if it doesn't work out don't push it.

    People Finder Overview

    This is a last-ditch effort and definitely encroaches on a person's privacy. Only do it if you have a good reason and everything else has failed. Most people live at least somewhat in public these days, and the other methods should serve you well without the need to resort to deception. Got any other great ways to vet people online to make sure they're not nuts? Let us know in the comments. Twitter's the best way to contact him, too.

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