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His music, he admits, never took off like the prank calls did. I just really am surprised that people care about it. Everyone carries a smartphone, which is a much more personal device. Caller ID and the scourge of robocalls have made it more difficult to get many to answer. As his popularity grew, fans started to send him phone numbers. Wilson was interviewed as part of the new LPC documentary.

Unsurprisingly, many of the people LPC pranks get very angry. The business proprietor goes on to bring up a big question: Is this legal? California, and others , mandate that all parties are aware of a recording. The fact that LPC releases some of these calls as albums makes it even murkier.

A court would have to sort that out. Some on the receiving end can laugh it off, like Paul Epstein, owner of Denver record store Twist and Shout. Epstein said he actually knew LPC in the early 90s. They fell out of touch for a while.

Prankdial Support

Hall also maintains his anonymity. Hall considers what LPC does to be art. Brooklyn-based comedian and director Sebastian DiNatale is behind that series. The new Longmont Potion Castle movie and its screening tour is one piece of the puzzle, another is a new album from the Jerky Boys , their first in 20 years.

Teens in Colorado are struggling. Rates of mental health issues, substance abuse and suicide are rising. We investigate the causes — and possible fixes. Someone will be there at 6 pm sharp. Call the parents of someone you know pretending to be a significant other. This is another great one. If you really want to annoy someone you know and to get them in big trouble with their parents, then you should call them posing as a random hookup of their daughter or son.

Here's how you do it: Mr.

This giant meat company is the first large food company to go carbon neutral

Wolf : "Hello? May I please speak to Mr. Wolf : "Why yes, this is he. Wolf : "You what? I've been trying to call her for two days but she's been ignoring me, so I had to call the house. Sorry, sir, but I really do need my wallet. Wolf : "How did you get in the house? I snuck in through the window. Anyway, would you mind looking for the wallet for me, sir? Wolf : "And where might I find it? Next to my boxers. Would you mind grabbing those too? Pretend to be a love interest of the person.

Let's say you and your friend went out to the bars the night before and he got so drunk that you know he won't remember what happened. This is the perfect opportunity to pretend to be a love interest that the person met at the bar and to make him really nervous.

Jake : "Hello? I had so much fun with you last night. From Rick's cafe. We spent a lot of time in the bathroom having some fun? You told me I was the perfect girl for you right? You : "Don't be embarrassed. I know you love me. I think it's cute when men are so open like that.

Malicious and prank calls

Anyway, it was so sweet of you to offer to go to the wedding with me today. You know how embarrassing it is when your plus one bails at the last minute, especially when it's your sister's wedding Listen, I'll be there to pick you up in an hour. I can't wait to see you. Method 3. Pretend that the person called you. One great prank call for a stranger is to call a person repeatedly pretending he or she called you.

Just don't do it too much or this will be considered harassment. Try this on for size: You : "Hello? You're the one who called me. Who is this, and how can I help you? You : "Hello? What do you want? My phone just rang again. This is getting a little ridiculous. Pretend that the person left a note on your car. Act like the person left a note on your car apologizing for hitting it. This is a great way to make a stranger feel completely confused and very flustered. Other person : "Hello? You hit the side of my car in the Shop Rite parking lot? Thanks so much for leaving a note -- I know so many schmucks would just drive away.

There must be some mistake. Look, man, my car is completely ruined. I took it to the shop this morning and there's at least five thousand dollars in damages here. I can't even drive it for three days.

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Good citizen? Good thing you left your address too! Act like you and the person are partners in crime. This is a silly one -- pretend that you and the person committed a crime together. Act like you're in cahoots and insist that the person doesn't have to play dumb with you. Here's what you do: Other person : "Hello? They know what we did to Jim.

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Listen, we need to get out of town. It was all your idea! Pack up. Ask to speak to people with suggestive names. This type of prank call has been made famous by Bart Simpson. This is a short but sweet way to make a prank call. All you have to do is call and ask for people with a variety of names that will sound offensive when they're repeated. Just ask for the person and sit back and wait for the victim to realize what you've said when he repeats the name. Here are some great names to try: "Master Bates. Method 4. Ask a local restaurant for a recipe.

This is a silly yet effective method for a prank call that will instantly confuse the person you're calling -- and annoy him or her more than a little bit. Here's how you do it: [3] Restaurant employee : "Hello? I want to make them tonight. I'm really hungry. They're way too expensive! Call an Italian restaurant asking for Chinese food.