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History of the record - luediamourbu.tk

He was imprisoned in Paris for 11 months. Duke Ellington link to the music. He collaborated with many jazz modernists, such as Charles Mingus whose orchestral work is obviously indebted to Ellington and John Coltrane, along with gospel music stalwart, Mahalia Jackson. Ella Fitzgerald link to the music.

HISTORY OF VINYL RECORDS #1 - The 78 RPM Single. Manufacturing plant RCA

Fitzgerald went on to collaborate with many of the jazz giants, including Ellington and Louis Armstrong as in one of the songs on the pictured EP ; she was also an early convert to Be-bop. The songs on this EP sees her working with The Ink Spots, a pop vocal quartet whose style presaged the future Doo-wop.

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Benny Carter link to the music. He also had his own short-term big bands, and when living in Los Angeles, hired the young talents of Miles Davis, J. Johnson, and Max Roach. Roy Eldridge link to the music. It is said that not only did Eldridge finally move beyond Armstrong stylistically speaking , but that he was also a significant influence on the up-and-coming Be-bopper, Dizzy Gillespie.


Jazz, as an art form and cultural movement, also had a significant impact on Jim Crow segregation in the United States. Another aspect of Jazz, as an art form, is that it continually sees collaborations with all the named players, as Eldridge worked with along with Krupa and Shaw Benny Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, and Earl Hines, and at a later date, in a short-lived group with Charles Mingus and Max Roach.

Thelonious Monk link to the music. And so.

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Sonny Stitt link to the music. If Monk was a movement unto himself, as well as abetting the development of Be-bop, once Charlie Parker came on the scene, Jazz was forever-after altered.

A Brief History of Vinyl Records

If he messed with you, you were messed. The man may have been hated, but he saved a lot of our history for us and for future generations. Gerry Mulligan link to the music.

Vinyl Records: Ancient History or the Future?

The results were not immediately appreciated by critic or audience, but eventually saw a lasting and profound influence on Jazz. Mulligan is also known for holding down a long-term West Coast gig in collaboration with Chet Baker on trumpet, who also appears on this EP. Jimmy Witherspoon link to the music. Belangrijkste social mediakanalen.

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