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Laurence Dundas Ireland - Sarah Georgina Dundas Ireland - 23 Jan Sidney Dundas Yorkshire, England - Laurence George Dundas Ireland - Catherine Beatrice Dundas abt New Zealand. Denis St. John St. CS C5 American marriage records before Clemens, William Montgomery ed. John MacLennan: names of parents and children arranged in alphabetical order St. Births recorded in East Hants by Alma J. Fenton: 7. CD Manuscript Division. Deaths recorded in East Hants by Alma J. Fenton: B16 Early Connecticut marriages as found in ancient church records prior to Bailey, Frederic W. F B7 English origins of New England families : from the New England historical and genealogical register, second series.

G46 Genealogies of Connecticut families : from the New England historical and genealogical register. L95 Lyme records, : a literal transcription of the minutes of the town meetings with marginal notations, to which hath been appended land grants and ear marks Burr, Jean Chandler ed.

Member only access online Nova Scotians who died in the influenza pandemic of Marble, Allan E. W5 Ontario marriage notices Wilson, Thomas B. FC P8 Plymouth Church records, First Church of Christ Plymouth, Mass. CS 90 S Qui Bono? Shaw: Hewes, John A. D63i v. T63 Suppl.

D3 The early records of the town of Dedham Dedham, Mass. James and McCormick, L. Powered by EasyNetSites. Little could hear a baby crying and running water splashing from within the house. He thought that the killing was taking place. Little went back to the car and waited for a while, the plan being that as soon as Accused 1 and 2 emerged, they would flee the scene.

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He became anxious as they were still not emerging so Little returned to the house to call them. As Little approached the house the police pulled up in front of the house. The police asked him whether he had made a phone call and Little indicated that he had not. Half an hour later Little was arrested and put in a police van with Accused 2. Whilst in the van Little and Accused 2 concocted a story for the police, namely that Accused 3 had invited them to a party and when they came to the house, they had discovered the deceased in the bath.

Little, Accused 1 and 2 were locked up that night.

Little made a statement before a magistrate the following day, 10 November at 2 pm. Whilst he did not relate this version testified before me, in its entirety to the magistrate, it is common cause that he. Little and the other Accused applied unsuccessfully for bail on 28 November , bail being granted subsequently only in July Just before his bail application Little discovered from newspaper reports that it was in fact Accused 3's wife who had been killed and there were children involved.

Mrs Little testified that on 8 November she received a phone call at her home at about 16h00 from a Jerome who wanted to speak to Ricardo, her son. She said that Ricardo was not there and Jerome informed her that he worked with Ricardo at Dialogue Communications. Little was very excited as Ricardo had finished his job that day and was without employment. She said she would give Ricardo the message. Jerome asked that Ricardo contact him before 12 that night and let him know if he was interested in the job. Little told her that he was interested in the job.

Her son had told her Jerome had invited them to his house. Where is Jerome? The following morning she reached Accused 3 on his cell phone hoping that he would shed some light on events. She enquired if Accused 3 had spoken to Little the day before about the job. He said he had. Then Accused 3 told her there had been a tragedy, and his wife had just been murdered.

He told her two men had held him up. Accused 3 replied that he must have been joking when he had mentioned a girlfriend.

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Mrs Little testified also that about a week before the murder she and her husband had fetched Little from work and had in fact given Accused 3 a lift on the request of Ricardo. Accused 3 was not introduced to her on that occasion and it was only after all these events that she realised that he was the person they had given a lift to. Little impressed the court as an honest and reliable witness. Her testimony was that of a concerned parent. Their version, as appears more fully below, very simply is that they knew nothing about a planned killing whatsoever, and had no part in the conspiracy or murder as suggested by Little.

Upon entering the house in search of a party they. Before they could leave the house to get help, the police arrived, found them at the scene and arrested them. The following biographical details emerged from their testimony.

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Accused 1, Eugene Josephs was born on 9 May , and was just over 25 in November He lives with his parents and his sister. He left school in standard nine at the age of His last job before the events of November was at Edgars in the security and maintenance section. On 9 November , he was unemployed having left Edgars.

Since being released on bail he has been employed at Bruce Dundas Construction doing general carpentry work. He also has a part time job as a waiter. Accused 1 and 2 are childhood friends and Accused 3 is unknown to him. Accused 1 is unmarried and has no children. He left school in standard eight.

He is currently employed by a security firm.

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  • S v Josephs and Others (SS13/2002) [2000] ZAWCHC 1 (14 March 2000).
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His girlfriend Nasreen Adams is expecting their child in mid March. It was only when they got back into the car that Little told them he had phoned his friend who had invited them all to a party that night at 9 pm.

Modern Biographical Files in the Navy Department Library

According to Accused 1 Little said the party was to be a braai. According to Accused 2 it was not established what kind of party it was, and he had assumed it to be a birthday party. Only Accused 2 testified that Little had made a second call to Accused 3 from Ackermansfield about 30 minutes after the first call to ask if they could all go to the party. Accused 1 did not mention a second call nor did Nazreen Adams see below. They denied that a balaklava and BB gun were fetched as testified by Little.

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Accused 2 said that they proceeded directly to St Kilda Road thereafter, whilst Accused 1 was not sure whether they returned first to Ackermansfield and then to St Kilda Road. Like Little they said Accused 3 had been phoned by Little when they reached his house which was in darkness, and it was arranged for Little to meet with him at the Shell Select Store.

However both Accused 1 and 2 denied that they themselves had ever got out of the car to meet with Accused 3 at any stage outside the shop. Their testimony was that Little had met with Accused 3 himself, gone into the shop with him, where after Accused 3 had left and Little returned to the car alone.

Little informed them that his friend, Jerome had said they should wait 10 to 15 minutes before coming to his house as there were people who had to leave before the party could start. They waited, in the car, pouring another round of drinks, and after 10 to 15 minutes returned to 12 St Kilda Road, this time Little driving the car. Accused 1 also said that whilst waiting he got into the passenger seat and continued fixing the tape deck, using pieces of insulation tape, which he had removed from the roll and stuck to his pants.

Accused 1 explained that Little did not accompany them into the house as he had asked Little to reverse the car into the driveway, and he had alighted to get permission from Jerome to park there. He also said his car had a starter problem and he did not want Little to switch it off, as he would have to open the bonnet to restart it, something he had done each time the car had switched off that day. Accused 2 seemed totally unaware of this reason for Little not alighting from the car, or indeed of the starter problem which they had on Accused 1's version experienced all that day.

In contrast to Accused 1,Accused 2 said there were no problems with the car 3 and moreover that when they returned to the house, Little parked the car diagonally opposite it and the engine was switched off.